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About Us

Immaculate Heart of Mary-St. Casimir School strives to provide a distinctively Catholic Christian education environment by creating an atmosphere in which self-dignity, mutual respect, cooperation, prayer and service are an integral part of daily life.

With Christ as its foundation, the entire educational process is built of academic excellence, experienced in the light of the Gospel and strengthened by a strong Catholic community of believers.

As uniquely created individuals, students are challenged to discover the fullness of God's gifts and grace in each one's life, intellectually, spiritually, physically and socially. As students work to meet this challenge, the school supports and continues the nurturing influence of parents and parish community.

The effect of this philosophy on students is the building of faith: faith which comes from and leads toward the discovery of the entire human experience; faith which is consciously formed, deliberately nourished, and visibly lived within the larger society.

Through the experience of Immaculate Heart of Mary-St. Casimir School, it is the hope that each student develop and recognize that they are a child of God, a participating member of a Catholic Community, and over all, a member of Christ's Body, the Church.


IHM-St. Casimir School follows a state-sanctioned curriculum for all academic subjects. The links below will take you to grade-specific curricula.  For further information, refer to the School Handbook.

Diocese of Lansing curriculum related information can be found here.


Math & Science Curricula
Math Science
1st Grade 1st Grade
2nd Grade 2nd Grade
3rd Grade 3rd Grade
4th Grade 4th Grade
5th Grade 5th Grade

6th Grade
7th Grade
8th Grade

6th, 7th & 8th Grades


Middle School Curricula
Grade 6 Grade 7 Grade 8
Reading Reading Reading
Writing Writing Writing
Speaking Speaking Speaking
Social Studies Social Studies Social Studies
Religion Religion Religion


Our Technology Vision/Mission Statement

“We will strive to provide equal access to all necessary information for our students, staff members, and people in our school community at any place or time. We will provide an environment where technological resources will offer our students and staff the opportunity to increase their knowledge and understanding in the classroom, access and manage vast amounts of information, explore concepts from differing perspectives, and reinforce the development of analytical and critical thinking skills which are necessary for lifelong learning. When students leave our school, they must be equipped to use technology to continue to learn, to grow, and to collaborate and contribute to their community.”

In order to fulfill our mission we will:

  • Select and provide the most appropriate technology available to enable our faculty and staff to implement our objectives.
  • Define curriculum needs and provide the technological resources and services that are necessary to ensure appropriate application and integration into the school environment.
  • Align our technology goals with diocesan, state, and national educational technology standards.

Special Needs

Student services like counseling, tutoring, reading support, speech and occupational therapy, hearing impaired specialists, teacher consultants and struggling learner programs, guarantee that no student’s needs go unmet. We give students a unique privilege of an education where issues of morality, peace and justice are not under emphasized. The kids love hands on learning. We stress interpersonal relationship skills but also encourage them to develop a sense of individuality.

Parent Teacher Organization

The I.H.M.-St. Casimir P.T.O. is comprised of the parents, teachers and administrators. Its purpose is to be of service to I.H.M.-St. Casimir school by:

    • Promoting a cooperative relationship among parents, students, administration and faculty.
    • Augmenting the educational resources of the school and assisting in the planning and carrying out of school functions.

When you register your children at I.H.M.-St. Casimir, you are a member of the P.T.O. How active a member you are is up to you. As a group, we try to maintain a high level of service and provide the best for our children.

We have various school functions throughout the year in which all parents are encouraged to participate.

Other major activities which we have each year include: a Book Fair during fall conferences, Catholic School Week activities, Teacher Appreciation Day, Campbell soup Label and Box tops collecting and more!

The organization's Governing Board consists of four officers, and two Room Representatives from each classroom. We meet monthly, and as a parent, you are invited and encouraged to become an active member.

School Marketing Group

The primary goal of The School Marketing Group, which reports to the School Committee, is to ensure stable enrollment at our School. That goal is best achieved by actively making our school's presence and its enrollment opportunities known to members of both our parish communities, to other parishes without schools, and to the surrounding communities. Marketing Group activities include sponsoring the annual Spirit Wear Sale, producing various press releases, church bulletin articles, welcome letters to families of newly baptized children, maintaining School Bulletin Boards at both parish sites, articles to the weekly School Bulletin, membership in community organizations, and sponsorship of many of the activities during annual Catholic Schools Week. If you would like to share your time and talent with this important group, please contact the marketing group.

School Committee

The I.H.M.-St. Casimir School Committee is a standing committee of the I.H.M. and St. Casimir Education Commissions. In other words, the School Committee is an ongoing, regular committee of the Education Commissions. There are five non-elected members of the School Committee: the Pastor of each Parish; the school administrator; and two teacher representatives, one from grades K through 5 and one from grades 6 through 8. The other nine members of the committee are elected positions. Four of the members are from I.H.M. Parish, four are from St. Casimir Parish, and one member is an at-large position. The School Committee meets once a month from August through June. Additional meetings can be called by the chairperson if they are deemed necessary.

The functions of the School Committee are many and varied. The members are involved in writing and making recommendations to the Education Commissions concerning such matters as school policy, hiring of an administrator and budget considerations. The School Committee also acts as a voice for the school as it oversees the implementation of the strategic plan. It functions as our School Improvement Committee.

Membership on the I.H.M.-St. Casimir School Committee is a fun and challenging way to be actively involved in your child's school. Elected members serve a term of two years, beginning in June and may serve an optional 3rd year. If you are into planning, organizing, supporting, and creating the future of your child's school, then this is the place for you!

2015-2018 Strategic Plan (Apr. 15, 2015)

School Committee By-Laws

Meeting Minutes
SC Minutes 2018-03.pdf
SC Minutes 2018-02.pdf
SC Minutes 2018-01.pdf
SC Minutes 2017-11.pdf
SC Minutes 2017-10.pdf
SC Minutes 2017-09.pdf