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Choosing a school for your child is not an easy decision. Your child needs a solid K-8 foundation to ensure their future performance in high school, college and beyond. Academics, social development, arts, physical education and citizenship are all key building blocks for that foundation, and are provided by most schools to some degree. IHM-St. Casimir is different from other schools because we add spiritual development to the mix in the form of Roman Catholic religious instruction. God gets equal time in our classrooms! Students attend Mass at Immaculate Heart of Mary Church one day a week during the school year. Additionally, all students are expected to participate in service projects, which vary by grade and season.

Student Progress & Lunch Ordering

School staff are working on rolling out the new PowerSchool software that will be used for lunch ordering and checking on your student's academic progress.  Stay tuned for more information once the new software rolls out.

Lunch ordering instructions can be found here: Meal Magic Instructions

School Handbook

The latest version of the school handbook can be found here:

School Handbook

School Calendars

2017-2018 One Page Calendar

Dress Code Policy

School dress code is based on the principle that there is a positive relationship between learning and appearance. Emphasis is placed on modesty, cleanliness, neatness, and common sense. Please refer to the School Uniform Policy for more details.

Parking Lot Information

If you are dropping off your child and they do not need any assistance from you, please travel south on Rosemont, letting your child out at the crosswalk in front of the North School. Once your child has exited the car, continue traveling south to Maple Hill where you can turn left or right.

If your child needs your assistance gathering their belongings or you would like to walk your child into the school, please enter the south parking lot from Maplehill Road. There are two openings, one for entrance, the other for exiting. Park your car and assist your child. Do not use the parking lot as a dropping off location. Children walking in the parking lot should be escorted to the area beyond the orange cones.


IHM-St. Casimir School has an excellent program because of dedicated individuals. While the full-time and part-time teachers carry the day to day program, there are many volunteers who assist and enhance our programs.

IHM-St. Casimir School is mandated to follow specific guidelines of instruction for school volunteers regarding the safety of our students and volunteers. Any adults driving on field trips, assisting in classrooms, attending classroom parties, picnics, etc., must have completed a “Protecting God’s Children” Virtus session. This class does not need to be repeated each year, although a refresher is required after a length of time. It may be a live session or an on-line course. In addition to attending the course, each volunteer needs to sign a Code of Conduct before volunteering in the school or with a team or scout troop.

More information on Virtus training sessions can be found on the Diocese of Lansing website here.

Virtus Online Registration Instructions.

Parents who will be driving on field trips will need to have a background check performed.  The background check form and instructions can be found here:

Driver Background Checks Form

Stewardship Sheet for Parents

Emergency Drills

The following emergency drills have taken place this school year:

  • Fire Drills - Sept. 6, Sept. 27, Nov. 6, Feb. 27, Mar. 27
  • Tornado Drill - Oct. 4
  • Lock Down Drills - Oct. 16, Mar. 23